Where to buy Celtic & Glasgow Rangers football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published August 25, 2017

The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is one of the fiercest in world football, and the enduring animosity between the two Glasgow clubs has been given added potency by the fact that they have consistently competed for top spot in the Scottish top division down the years. Currently it is Celtic who own the bragging rights in the city, but history dictates that it will always be a relationship that ebbs and flows. But one thing remains constant – both sets of fans are some of the most passionate you’ll find anywhere in football.

Celtic fans during a match between the two Glasgow giants played in 2012 (Photo: Jim Easton via Flickr)

Like their English counterparts, the Scottish season runs from August to May. However, as there are only 12 teams in the Scottish Premier League, both Celtic and R angers only play 11 home games each per season – 8 fewer than clubs across the border. Nevertheless, with cup games on top of that (including European fixtures) there are plenty of opportunities to get along and see a game. And with Rangers’ Ibrox Stadium holding 50,000 spectators and Celtic Park 60,000, there’s usually a fair chance of being able to pick up a ticket.

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There are a handful of ways of getting yourself a ticket for a Celtic or Rangers home game. One is through the clubs themselves, both of which make tickets available for a certain number of non-members when they don’t sell out to official members. Another is by visiting non-official, but reputable, websites that offer a variety of deals and packages that include match-day tickets. We’ve assessed all of your options below.

Official Websites

For most Celtic and Rangers home games, a certain number of tickets usually go on general sale. The exception to this is when the two clubs play each other, which is when your best chance of getting a ticket is one of the two options below. However, if you’re happy to attend a less prestigious game, then you should be able to do so through the official channels, providing you don’t leave it too late. Ticket information for individual games is regularly updated on the respective websites of both clubs, so if you know the fixture you want to attend, you should keep a close eye on the website for updates. You can purchase tickets directly online and can even print your ticket at home for maximum convenience. However, be aware that tickets purchased online are subject to a booking fee.
God bless the sharing economy! This is a great website for anyone looking to pick up a ticket at late notice, and even better, tickets tend to come down in price the closer you get to kick-off. The site is effectively a peer-to-peer ticket exchange platform that advertises tickets for a huge number of sports (and other entertainment) events across Europe. People can put tickets online and price them at any rate they wish. Others can then either snap them up or play the waiting game. For more high-profile matches, this is often a fool’s errand as prices aren’t likely to drop by much, but if you’re happy to attend a less prestigious game, there’s a pretty good chance of finding yourself an affordable ticket.

Thomas Cook Sport

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While Glasgow is a relatively easy city to get around, if you’re only in town to attend a game you might want to avoid unnecessary travel time by staying in a hotel close to the stadium. Thomas Cook Sport, part of the famous travel agency of the same name, offer match tickets combined with hotel accommodation – often at exceptional value. They’ve teamed up with several hotels of varying budgets across Glasgow that are within easy reach of both Ibrox and Celtic Park. Packages can also be augmented with museum and stadium tours and additional nights at your chosen hotel.