Best Spanish Language Schools in Madrid

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated August 2, 2016

Living in Madrid is a unique opportunity to learn Spanish. In fact, year after year foreigners and exchange students flock to the Spanish capital to enjoy the sun, sangrías, siestas, and of course, to learn Spanish. As a result, the number of language schools in Madrid has multiplied, and choosing which one is best is an increasingly difficult task.

Photo: Tandem Madrid

But don’t worry; we’ve made the decision easier for you. After comparing over 20 schools, we’ve singled out the top three recommended language schools: Tandem Madrid, Inhispania and Don Quijote. All three offer excellent value for money and are accredited by various reputable institutions, such as the Instituto Cervantes in London.

Tandem Madrid

Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 2000, Tandem Madrid offers various classes that make learning Spanish fun and engaging. These include standard small group classes, usually made up of 10-12 people and ideal for those who like conversing with others in a new language. Students who are looking to combine their Spanish skills with a cultural experience can opt for the “Spanish with a passion” courses, in which you learn the language while taking a course on wine, flamenco, art or even the films of legendary Spanish movie director Pedro Almodóvar. Independently of the classes, Tandem can also arrange to put interested students in touch with a local student who is learning English (or another language). This serves to foster a cultural exchange – “intercambio” in Spanish – and makes learning more hands-on and personal. Housing options are flexible, too.


If you’re really looking for flexibility, then Inhispania is the school for you. Inhispania allows you to design your own course by combining several courses that the school offers. Those looking for a more personalised experience can also opt for one-on-one courses. The timetable for these, too, is flexible and can be devised to the convenience of you and and your teacher. Inhispania even offers a 50% discount on course prices per hour if two students take the class together. What else could you ask for? Book your flight to Madrid today and start learning Spanish now!

Don Quijote

Don Quijote is known for offering a complete immersion into Spanish culture. The historic building of the school has 38 fully equipped classrooms, as well as 500 square meters of common areas, including a comfortable seating area to relax between classes or chat with fellow course mates. Besides its classic language courses, Don Quijote also offers salsa and flamenco classes, as well as an internship program for those interested in gaining hands-on experience at a business or company based in Madrid. As for housing, you can choose between host families, apartments or student residences.

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