The Best 5 B&Bs and Guest Houses in Eastbourne

by Chris Newens  |  Published October 1, 2018

The archetypal British seaside resort, Eastbourne has something of a mixed reputation. On the one hand, it’s regarded as the sunniest town in the country (and its impressive palm-tree lined esplanade certainly contributes to that image), while on the other, it’s known as something of a retirement village. Any visit is sure to dispel the latter assumption. This is a vibrant town with its eyes planted firmly on the future, with a growing student population and a surprisingly cosmopolitan feel.

This said, there are certainly a few hotels and B&Bs anchored securely in the past, boasting the net curtain and mildew aesthetic that’s been giving British holiday retreats a bad reputation for generations. We’ve made sure to do a deep dive, however, to suggest only the ones that meet the most exacting of modern standards for your stay.