5 Affordable Mulberry Handbags

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published November 23, 2021

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Mulberry is the undisputed king of British luxury leather goods. While the brand has branched out into other accessories, handbags still reign supreme as the its biggest sellers. 

affordable mulberry handbags

The Small Darley Satchel is one of Mulberry’s most affordable handbags (Photo: Mulberry)

Roger Saul founded Mulberry at his kitchen table in 1971. Named after the trees he would pass each day on his way to school, the brand is resolutely British and perennially popular. Part of its appeal lies in its ability to strike the perfect balance between heritage and nostalgia with innovative design and fresh appeal. Today, Mulberry is the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK and boasts more than 120 stores worldwide. Renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, it takes roughly 30 pairs of hands to construct a Mulberry bag and at least 50% of the bags are made exclusively in the UK. If you’re looking to invest in an iconic handbag with a limited budget, we’ve selected five affordable Mulberry handbags that are less than £1,000. 

Small Darley Satchel 

Mulberry’s iconic Small Darley Satchel is priced just under the £500 mark. The retro-inspired mini-bag is compact, so you won’t be able to carry around much more than your phone and wallet, but unlike most small handbags it’s still functional. It features a long leather cross-body strap for easy handling and Mulberry’s signature postman’s lock to keep your belongings snug and safe. There are over a dozen different colours, from a sophisticated black high shine to a joyful meadow green. The oak natural grain, however, is timeless. From £495. 

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affordable Mulberry handbags

The Small Antony Oak Legacy NVT (Photo: Mulberry)

If you’re looking to maximize your investment, it’s always worth looking to limited edition runs. The Antony is part of the brand’s latest capsule collection of pieces to mark Mulberry’s 50th anniversary. It’s crafted from natural vegetable tanned leather which develops a patina over time that means it doesn’t just age gracefully, it actually improves with age. The bag features one main compartment embossed with the Mulberry signature, a single slip pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. All hardware is finished in brass, including the signature Postman’s Lock. The bag is available in six different colours. From £650.

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Bayswater tote

This is one of Mulberry’s most popular bags, for good reason. Its iconic shape is timeless but eternally practical. At 28.5cm high and 46.5 cm wide, you’ll be able to fit all the essentials in here, plus a pair of shoes too. It’s made from soft cow leather with a small printed grain effect that is supple but sturdy. While most celebrities seem to be snapped wearing the bag in the crook of their arm, the strap is long enough to wear it over your shoulder too. There are twelve different colours to choose from, and the interior is lined in luxurious suede. You can also remove the internal pocket. From £695. 

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Portobello Tote

The Portobello Tote (Photo: Mulberry)

The Portobello Tote combines more than functionality and style, it’s sustainable too. This is Mulberry’s first-ever 100% sustainable leather bag. It’s crafted from sustainable leather sourced from a gold standard leather working group tannery Somerset and recycled thread. At 46.2 cm by 29.5cm you won’t be able to fit your kitchen sink inside it, but you’ll get close enough. The interior features one large unlined compartment secured with a recycled buckle made of stainless steel. You can choose to use the two looped handles or add the longer shoulder strap if you prefer to wear your bags crossbody. From £875. 

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The Bayswater is Mulberry’s flagship bag. Timeless and iconic, it’s been the undisputed British ‘IT’ bag for two decades. Its distinctive shape is understated but instantly recognisable, part doctor’s satchel and part Hermes bag. At just under £1,000 it’s the most expensive Mulberry handbag on our list but it’s worth every penny as an investment piece. The bag is made from exceptionally high-quality leather that ages well and is finished with Mulberry’s signature postman’s lock. You can adjust the interior belted sides for more internal space too. It’s available in Mulberry’s nine heritage colours. From £995. 

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