3 of the Best Airbnb Management Companies in Atlanta

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published June 12, 2024

Remove the hassle from renting out your Atlanta property on Airbnb with a management company that can take care of everything. 

(Photo: Guillermo Moreno via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Whether it is The Georgian Terrace or the Stonehurst Place, Atlanta, has a fine selection of hotels. However, just like almost any big city in the world, the capital of Georgia is a hotspot for Airbnbs, with savvy property owners renting out the homes for vacations. However, while Airbnb is a great way to add some profit to your second or third home, investing too much time into the letting process can be a serious hindrance – remember, time is money. That’s where a short term Airbnb rental management company comes in – these specialists can take care of everything when it comes to vacation rental management, leaving you to relax and enjoy the profit. It’s worth remembering that quality management companies will also put your property on and for a better outreach. 


Masterhost is an Airbnb property management company specialising in short-term rentals and operating in Atlanta for almost ten years. The service is for anyone from first-time Airbnb hosts to those with multiple homes and years of renting under their belts, with a team of professional agents to take care of every stage of the process, including listing management, guest communication, check ins/outs, cleaning, maintenance and emergency response. There are also a number of interesting services that Masterhost can organise that go above and beyond the standard rental procedures, such as Airbnb interior design solutions that ensure that your interiors are optimized for the needs and tastes of potential guests, all fitted to a budget that suits you.

McNeice Management

McNeice Management is a professional Airbnb management firm specializing in the southeast United States, with different levels of management depending on how involved you want to be. A McNeice Management Airbnb property manager can take over the short term rental management completely, leaving you just to collect the passive income from it. The services on offer include staging and furnishing advice, optimised listing and maintenance. Another option, if you’d like to be part of the process, is to get one of the company’s Airbnb cohosts who work together with you to get the job done. McNeice Management fees range from 15 per cent to 25 per cent of your booking’s value.

Soda Stays

Soda Stays has a range of different services to Airbnb’ers with the aim to streamline the process and make it hassle-free. The service starts with creating and optimising your property’s listing to ensure it reaches its potential, then Soda Stays takes care of managing reservations and guest communication, all the time while keeping it in top condition through housekeeping and maintenance services. The company has a lot of experience in working with Airbnb and can offer a lot of advice and tips on maximising your profit. The prices are competitive, with short-term rental management costing just 15 per cent per month with no hidden fees.