Where to Find the Best Bahamas All Inclusive Vacation Packages

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 23, 2017

Home to some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful turquoise waters anywhere in the world, The Bahamas are truly a sight to behold. The coral-based archipelago comprises a total of 700-plus islands and cays, with the heart of the action to be found on Paradise Island, which boasts numerous large-scale resorts including the famous Atlantis with its enthralling waterpark. The Bahamas are also a sailing and watersports lover’s paradise, with its pristine waters perfect cruising grounds for yachts as well as for diving, snorkelling and other aquatic based activities.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package in the Bahamas, we suggest using a market leading website to get the best deal possible. These websites normally bring up the most options (for flights and resorts) and as market leaders they usually offer the best rates too. And with long-standing reputations to uphold, they also provide excellent customer service as well as lenient cancellation policies.

Below you’ll find our summaries of the three most reputable travel booking websites currently on the market. We advise cross-checking rates with each of them to give yourselves the best chance of getting a great deal for your Bahamas adventure.

The first thing we noticed was the clear and simple interface that makes CheapCaribbean enjoyable to peruse. Descriptions of resorts are highly detailed and the site claims that every resort listed has been personally visited and reviewed to verify its quality. There are ‘deals of the week’ that usually include airport transfers – particularly convenient for families. One negative is that there are fewer resorts listed than on its competitor websites.


Our searches for Bahamas all-inclusive packages on Expedia found substantially more resorts listed, in particular for luxury options. Furthermore, rates for a number of resorts tend to be lower than on other websites. Another positive is the detail offered on flights, which is particularly comprehensive. Less so, however, the resort descriptions, which are a little light on detail by comparison, making it difficult to be sure exactly what you can expect to find on arrival.

When we conducted searches for Bahamas all-inclusive deals on Priceline, we discovered that the number of resorts listed and the rates given were typically comparable with the equivalent searches on Expedia. And for anyone wanting to only book a resort, with no flight included, the options and rates tend to be better. However, the site’s interface is a little old-fashioned and generally speaking it is not quite as user-friendly as its competitors. Another notable downside is that airport transfers aren’t included in the deals – an omission that will be missed by families with small children in particular.