Cabin Rentals in Bear Lake: Where to book

by Holly Riddle  |  Published July 27, 2020

There’s nothing quite like beautiful Bear Lake. This intensely turquoise lake sits on the border of Utah and Idaho, where it amazes travelers with its vibrant hue and backdrop of rolling mountains. Nicknamed “the Caribbean of the Rockies,” it’s truly a place to remember, and has grown a following with tourists and travelers, especially those who enjoy water sports such as boating, swimming and water skiing.

Photo: Robert Cutts via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

When staying at or around Bear Lake, one of the most convenient stay options is renting your own cabin. Having a cabin rental during your stay allows you to be fully immersed in nature and often closer to the lake than you might if you stayed at a hotel in one of the nearest towns. Cabin rentals are also very popular with large families who want a budget-friendly option, or groups of friends who want to spend more time together without being forced to socialize in one hotel room or in a hotel lobby.

But how can you find the best Bear Lake cabin rentals? You’ll want to start by perusing these three options, three of our favorite ways to book cabin rentals in Bear Lake, whether you’re staying in Idaho or Utah.

VRBO offers nearly 100 different cabin options around Bear Lake, with most of those options being on the Utah side of the lake, though you can still find plenty in Idaho as well, if that’s what you prefer. Many of the cabins are right next to the lake, though you can also find some cabin options a bit further away, if you’d like to have a more remote stay away from some of the summer crowds. Cabin options range from smaller, waterfront cabins that are less than $100 per night, to larger, luxurious cabins to fit the entire family for over $300 per night. Popular amenities include hot tubs and pools, private game rooms and more. Many of the cabins offer free cancellations. VRBO also offers an Instant Confirmation feature that allows you to instantly confirm your stay, no waiting on the cabin owner’s approval of your stay dates required.


Book at Expedia

Expedia offers vacation rentals in the Bear Lake area, and once you’ve begun a search on the Expedia website for your stay, you can narrow down your rental options to cabins only. Unfortunately, Expedia’s offerings are much less than what you’ll find on VRBO, with fewer than 50 cabins available. However, if you’re looking for luxurious amenities, you might not mind this, as Expedia’s offerings are primarily on the luxurious side, with the price tags to match (most are over $300 per night). Popular amenities include hot tubs, pools, tennis courts, arcades and more.


Book at Bear Lake Property Management

Bear Lake Property Management offers a variety of cabins and condo rentals. A local provider, the rental service will offer you not only the cabin of your choosing, but also travel packages and recreational packages, if you have a particular activity in mind when traveling to Bear Lake. All of the cabins offered are on the larger side, sleeping seven guests or more (up to 40 people at some), and, unlike with the two options above, you are required to stay a minimum of four nights to book a rental.