5 of the best Berlin walking tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published October 2, 2019

Berlin might just be Europe’s most exciting city right now. It’s filled with creative people pushing the envelope with all sorts of mediums. It’s filled with poignant history, and memories of a past that some of Berlin’s citizens can still remember. That past seems to exist in stark contrast with a modern Berlin that is open-minded, forward thinking, stylish and optimistic. It is also a city that is still changing and seeing that for yourself is a must.

The best way to experience Berlin and its many sides is to get down into the streets with a knowledgeable tour guide. Walking tours are ubiquitous in Berlin and cover many of the most obvious bases, like the Berlin Wall and the Third Reich. Here are some of the best that encounter Berlin’s main sights, as well as exploring the lesser known sides of the city that only a local is likely to know. Here are five of the best tours.