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3 of the best Bhutan tours from Paro

by Paul Stafford  |  Published May 19, 2020

Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan nation where happiness is measured on a national scale, where seemingly barren mountainscapes are home to precariously-perched Buddhist monasteries, and where a vibrant, colourful culture can be found at every turn. Natural beauty is in rich supply, with some of the world’s cleanest air and rivers. Although only considered to be a town, Paro is the main tourist entry point to Bhutan, as it’s where the country’s only international airport is located (partly why Bhutan’s air is so clean). As such, many of the best Bhutan tours begin and end in Paro.

To take a comprehensive tour of Bhutan often requires at least a week, although there are some excellent shorter options available that cover the country’s major tourist highlights too. Given the country’s average altitude (8,000ft/2,438m) however, it can take a few days to acclimatise, and even simple walks can feel like dreary hikes. As such it’s best to wait a few days if coming from lower altitudes before embarking on a tour. Given the remote, undeveloped Himalayan location, may of the best experiences involve some form of hiking at some point in the tour. For the serious alpinists, there are even tours that incorporate a healthy range of longer hikes, so that you can fully experience the best of the region. Here are three of the best Bhutan tours from Paro, taking into account many factors like the itinerary, value for money and the reviews of previous guests.