The Best Boutique Hotels in Bogota

by Bridget Gleeson  |  Published February 20, 2020

Thanks to its history and grandeur, Bogota is nicknamed “the Athens of South America.” It’s that antiquity — the colonial buildings, churches, and cobblestoned plazas — that attracts a steady stream of tourists to the Colombian capital. Many of those visitors want to stay in the middle of the historic center, in La Candelaria, the city’s original downtown. There are a few good boutique hotels in the neighborhood, including one that’s located inside a charming old house.

But many travelers gravitate to more modern areas of the city, particularly around Parque de la 93, where there’s a wider range of accommodation options. Some boutique hotels are design-focused, with striking interiors and happening rooftop bars; others feature fireplaces and cozy reading rooms. All make good bases for exploring the city.