Cabin Rentals in Hiawassee: Where to Book

by Holly Riddle  |  Published October 7, 2019

The tiny town of Hiawassee, Georgia, (its population is under 1,000 people!) is known for its rich Appalachian culture. Set on the Appalachian Trail and Lake Chatuge, the rural destination offers loads of water sports, hiking and more. Additionally, there are several events in Hiawassee each year that attract travelers, including the annual Georgia Mountain Fair. Popular spots around town include Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge and the Artworks Artisan Center.

Given Hiawassee, Georgia’s spot on the Appalachian Trail and its wealth of outdoor activities, then, it just makes sense that it would also be a great spot to rent a cabin and enjoy a little outdoor time from the comfort of your accommodations. Whether you dream of a cabin by the lake, a cabin in the mountains or a cabin near all of the activities your outdoors-loving heart could want, you can find it in Hiawassee. Better yet, these three Hiawassee cabin rental providers make it even easier to plan your Hiawassee getaway.

(Photo by Jimmy Emerson, DVM via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

HomeAway offers hundreds of cabins available for your stay in the Hiawassee area, so you have plenty of options to choose from. HomeAway will show you cabin options not only in Hiawassee, but also in the surrounding region, so that you can pick out the best location for you, whether you want to be closer into town, or in a more remote locale. The majority of available cabins, however, are very near Hiawassee and on the water. You can expect prices to vary greatly, going from as affordable as $30 per night, all the way up to $1,400 per night. Of course, the cabins that are more expensive are much larger, with luxury amenities, while the more affordable cabins do not offer the same glitz and glam, as they instead opt for a more rustic experience.

Instant Booking is available on a select few cabins, which can be a desirable amenity for some travelers. HomeAway’s Instant Booking feature allows you to automatically book your cabin, much as you would a hotel room, so that you automatically know your stay is secured and reserved in your name, no waiting necessary.  


Book at Laurel Mountain Cabin Rentals

Laurel Mountain Cabin Rentals prides itself on the spectacular views it offers its guests. All of these upscale cabins are located on top of a Blue Ridge mountain, so that you enjoy optimal views while also taking advantage of amazing access to area activities like boating, fishing, hiking and birding. There are only a few secluded cabins available, though, so you’ll want to book your stay well in advance, to be sure you’re able to snag one. If you have a large enough group, you can book out all the cabins at once. If not, you can choose between a selection of one- and two-bedroom cabins, with a range of amenities including fireplaces, WiFi, fully equipped kitchens and more.

All available cabins are listed in the rental provider’s online brochure, which also features photos of each cabin as well as further details on what each offers. A year-round rate special allows traveler to book six nights and get a seventh night free. Unfortunately, reservations are only taken over the phone, and then confirmed via email. Per-night rate quotes are personalized.


Book at has only a few Hiawassee cabins available through its booking system, and the cabins are mixed in with apartments and rental homes, so you do have to sort through several other options before you can find what you’re looking for. does, however, have a very easy-to-use booking system. Most of the cabins available on the site are pet-friendly, with reasonably affordable nightly rates under $200 per night and with free cancellation included.