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Cabin Rentals in Indiana: Where to Book

by Holly Riddle  |  Published June 11, 2020

While some might consider Indiana to be a “fly over” state, those who’ve had the pleasure of exploring this midwestern destination know all that it holds, especially if you visit during the summer and take in all the state’s natural wonders. From farms to forests, lakes to lavender fields, east to west and north to south, you could spend endless trips discovering Indiana’s outdoor adventures. To top it all off, Indiana is both family-friendly and budget-friendly.

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Renting a cabin during your trip to Indiana allows you to enjoy more of the state’s outdoor attractions as soon as you open your front door. Rather than being stuck in a stuffy hotel, you’ll have the joy of being immersed in nature while enjoying top-tier amenities in cabins that are as luxurious or as rustic as you’d like. Cabin rentals are additionally a perfect option if you’re traveling with a group or large family, or even a pet, as many cabin rentals are pet-friendly and suitable for 10 or more people.

But where can you find the best cabin rentals in Indiana? Check out three of our favorite Indiana cabin rental providers and begins searching for your perfect retreat today, whether you’re headed to the new Indiana Dunes National Park, Hoosier National Forest, Pokagon State Park, Monroe Lake or anywhere in between.

HomeAway is a great place to start your search for an Indiana cabin rental, as the site lists hundreds of different options. Cabin options are spread out across the state, but you’ll find many to be in the southern portion of Indiana, south of Indianapolis. Another cluster of cabin rental options can be found north of Fort Wayne. Much of HomeAway’s Indiana cabin rentals are on the rustic or secluded side, often with some sort of water access, whether that body of water be a lake or a creek. If you’re looking to travel in mid-summer, the prices will vary quite a bit, ranging from under $100 per night for a smaller property in a more popular destination, to over $300 per night for a larger, more popular property with nicer amenities.


Book at Indiana Cabin Rentals

Indiana Cabin Rentals acts as a hub for all things cabin rentals in the state. Not only will the brand point you to where to book the best cabins in Indiana, but it provides tons of informational resources that will make cabin renting easier for first-time renters. You’ll find information on cabin rental types, cabin rental hot spots around the region, maps that show concentrations of cabins around the state and a thorough directory of cabin rental providers. Unfortunately, the brand’s website does make you go through several different steps to find your cabin and then book your stay.

VRBO shows you more than 300 cabin rental properties to pick through in Indiana, with some of the most popular spots on the site for cabin rentals being Nashville, Bloomington, Syracuse and West Lafayette. VRBO does group together cabins and cottages, so when searching for the best cabin for you and your fellow travelers, you may come across some some rental properties that aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Prices range from under $100 per night in the mid-summer for smaller properties, to more than $200 per night for waterside properties with popular amenities, such as hot tubs, docks and outdoor space.