3 of the best Canberra Day tours from Sydney

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 5, 2021

It’s the capital city of Australia, but Canberra is all too often overlooked by visitors in favour of the bright lights of Melbourne or Sydney. However, if you are based in Sydney and happy to embark on an ambitious day trip to fit Canberra in, there are some excellent day tours available. And a trip is well worth it, for Canberra is home to many of Australia’s most important institutions, including the National Gallery, the National Museum and the Australian War Memorial, not to mention the country’s seat of government.

Most tours manage to pack these highlights into ambitious itineraries that often last around 13 hours, including the roughly six hours of driving between Canberra and Sydney required. There are two main categories of Canberra tour from Sydney: group and private. While the latter is preferable, the group tours are much better value. What follows is a list of the best three Canberra tours from Sydney, factoring in the tour guides, value for money, itinerary and reviews from previous travellers.