Car Hire at Ljubljana Airport: The Best Companies

by Paul Joseph  |  Published April 8, 2019

The capital of Slovenia and the country’s largest city, Ljubljana is lent a vibrant atmosphere by its bustling university population, while large green spaces such as the vast Tivoli Park offer plenty of respite from the hubbub of the city centre. Other attractions include a number of cultural institutions such as art galleries and museums, and the curving Ljubljanica River which is lined with pretty waterside cafes.

Model aeroplanes hang from the ceiling inside Ljubljana Airport (Photo: paazio via Flickr)

Ljubljana is small enough to navigate on foot, but if you’re planning to venture beyond the city during your visit, you may well enjoy the benefits of hiring car. Ljubljana Airport has a total of 11 car rental companies to choose from, meaning you won’t be short of options when making your choice. The best chance of finding a good deal is to book online and as far in advance as you can. And do remember to have your passport and a form of photo ID to hand when you pick up your car, as this will help speed things up.

Our car rental company search results have looked into all of the car rental companies at Ljubljana Airport and selected three of the best: for affordability, for families and for luxury. To help make our choices we focussed on several factors, including prices, fleet of cars, customer reviews and company policies. If you’re planning a trip to Ljubljana, we hope our research will help you decide which rental company to go for. You can read our findings below.

Most Affordable: Avantcar

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Finding the best value car hire deal among 11 rental companies can be a bit of a minefield, but after conducting a number of searches we picked out Avantcar as offering the best combination of affordability and other benefits. We found several cars available for less than £50 a week – which represents some of the cheapest rates we’ve seen anywhere in Europe – and they also come with consistently excellent customer reviews.

Best for families: Sixt

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For family-sized cars with more space and comfort, our tip is Sixt. If you plump for them, you’ll have access to a superb selection of sizeable models such as the Renault Megane SW and Skoda Octavia STW. According to our searches, you can usually pick up these cars for around £200 per week. Sixt also have impressive customer reviews, ranging between ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ for all of our searches. Another benefit is that Sixt’s car rental offices are situated directly across from the airport in a parking garage building, meaning you don’t need to worry about your kids getting irritable as you all wait for a shuttle.

Best for luxury cars: Budget

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We have to admit, the choice of luxury cars at Ljubljana Airport is pretty slim, but if you twisted our arm we’d say that Budget is your best bet. They only have one high-end car among their fleet, but it’s a special one – the Audi A6 saloon, which offers a tantalising mix of speed, power, comfort and panache. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the privilege – around £500 a week based on our searches – but for travellers keen to explore Ljubljana and beyond in style, it may well be worth pushing the metaphorical boat out. Budget also have excellent customer reviews.