Car Rental at Cali Airport: The Best Companies

by Mark Rebindaine  |  Published July 19, 2022

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport (CLO) is located between Palmira and Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia. Often serving as an alternate airport for Bogotá, it is Colombia’s fourth-busiest airport.

Cali (Photo: Reg Natarajan via Flickr /CC BY 2.0)

As of today, there were four rental car agencies operating out of Domestic Arrivals hall. These were Avis, Alamo, Enterprise, Localiza and local car sharing company, Vaya Car.

To determine which rental car companies offer the best options across our three categories (Most Affordable, Best for Luxury, Best for Minivans), carefully conducted a series of searches on the services, fleet availability, customer reviews and policies of all the agencies at BOI. Here are our findings:

Most affordable: Localiza

Your best bet for cheap car rentals at CLO airport is Localiza, but in this particular category, all the agencies had some extremely good offers. On our selected dates, Localiza’s cheapest car, the Chevrolet Sail was being rented out at $29 per day while their Nissan Versa was only $34 per day. For an alternative fleet, we’d recommend Alamo that has both the Kio Rio and the Renault Logan for rent at around $50 per day on most of our selected dates.

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It’s worth noting that all rental car companies listed ar are trustworthy, so it’s quite safe to just pick the lowest rental for your dates. However, we would recommend that you stick with a company that is located at the airport terminal of CLO Airport.

Best for luxury: Alamo

In truth, we were a little disappointed with the selection of the luxury car rentals at CLO airport but that may be down to seasonality and the lack of demand caused by the downtown in tourism over the last few years. At the time of publication, Alamo seemed to have the best selection of luxury cars, just edging Avis on both selection and pricing. Alamo’s cheapest ‘premium car’ is the Hyundai Elantra – not everyone’s cup of tea, but a solid and comfortable 5-seater all the same. For SUV fans, they also have the Mazda CX5 and the larger the Kia Sportage on their books, both of which were under $100 per day on our selected dates.

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Best for Minivans: Enterprise

Alamo, and sister company Enterprise, consistently have the cheapest daily rates on minivans, with their Dodge Grande Caravan and the 7-seater Kia Carens in amongst their fleet. Both minivans have similar prices but the The Kia Carens, a versatile MPV, offers more space than the Dodge. If you’re still in a quandary about which to choose, then it’s worth mentioning that Enterprise has slightly superior online customer feedback, scoring an excellent 7.6 out of 10 at the time of writing.

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