Car Rental at Gothenburg Airport: The Best Companies

by Mark Rebindaine  |  Published February 15, 2023

Located a mere 10km southeast of central Gothenburg, Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT), has seven car hire agencies operating from the airport, all of which can be found in the main terminal.

Gothenburg (Photo: Jonas Jacobsson va Unsplash)

Sweden is a leader in eco-friendly initiatives with pioneering recycling policies and a thriving green vehicle industry. Not surprisingly, there are a number of options on electric and hybrid vehicles at GOT. Of course, if you do decide to rent one of these vehicles, make sure you pick up a map with the charging stations located on it.
To determine which rental car companies offer the best vehicles across our three categories (Most Affordable, Best for Luxury, Best for Minivans), TravelMag.com carefully researched prices, availability, policies and customer reviews of the car rental companies operating out of GOT. Here are our findings:

Most Affordable: Alamo

Alamo, and its parent company Enterprise, excel in offering some very budget-friendly rates for those people flying into GOT. Even if the prices may seem steep at a first glance, daily rates for a compact vehicle work out considerably lower than what you’d end up spending if you relied on taxis and public transportation to get around. After all, Sweden is expensive. Visitors can find great economy options like the Volkswagen Polo in Alamo’s fleet at under €100 per day. Even roomier vehicles like the Vauxhall Jetta and the fabulous Volkswagen T-Roc can be scooped up for under €150 per day. What’s more, Alamo offers unlimited mileage for its rentals which is great news for travellers planning to roam around the Swedish countryside or looking to drive down to Copenhagen.

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Best for Luxury: Sixt

Selecting the best rental car agency in the luxurious category depends very much on your car of preference. Sixt doesn’t hold back, purchasing its cars from the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world. At any Sixt car park, you’ll find vehicles from BMW, Mercedes, Ford and British Motors. For renters looking for a truly memorable trip, Sixt rents out both the BMW 8 and the Ford Mustang at this branch. For a more conventional drive, they also have the BMW 8 series and premium SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300. With such a fantastic selection and its renowned customer service, it’s no surprise to find Sixt close to the top of the list for customer feedback on rentalcars.com.

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Best for Minivans: Alamo

Alamo earns brownie points with families of all sizes for its great selection of vehicles at Gothenburg Airport. Families can get excellent daily rates for practical, roomy vehicles that can help make a holiday a little more comfortable without forcing them to spend over the top rates. For instance, spacious family options like the 8-seater Toyota Sienna costs just a few euros more per day than compact options from competing agencies. And for really large groups, they have 12-seaters like the Ford Transit Wagon. Like several other agencies, families travelling with kids will appreciate the fact that Alamo allows them to head directly to their rental cars by checking in ahead of time.

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