The best cheap hotels in Salzburg

by Chris Newens  |  Published February 23, 2017

Surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and possessing one of the best preserved baroque city centres north of the Mediterranean, Salzburg is a must for anyone interested in European history, or in the great outdoors, or spectacular cavernous beer halls, or… OK, OK, it’s a must for just about everyone, really.

Its name literally means “Salt Castle”, referencing how its fortunes were built on the white mineral. Not directly, mind you, but rather by taxing the salt barges that wended their way down the city river, The Salzach. There are still remnants of this mercenary streak for charging travellers high rates in the town’s hotel industry. Fortunately, TravelMag’s at hand to help you navigate the waters with tips for five budget stays, which will allow you get the most from this beguiling town.