The Best Cheap Hotels in Stratford-upon-Avon

by Chris Newens  |  Published May 12, 2020

If all the world’s a stage, then Stratford is the part of it where William Shakespeare takes a starring role. Born in this still distinctly Tudor town in 1564 he then came back to die here in 1616, in the interim penning some of the greatest works of literature ever known. These days, he’s become more than a cottage industry here, with everything from novelty mugs to performances of the plays he wrote drawing the visitors in.

Whether you head to Stratford just to take in a play, on a deep literary pilgrimage, or indeed are not wholly fussed by the Bard, and are more interested in quaint English towns, we’ve searched high and low to find the right hotel for you. There a fair few around given Stratford’s size, though with so many people passing through, inevitably a few tourist traps mar their number. Stick to the five below and you can’t go wrong!