Where to Buy Chicago Bears Football Tickets

by Scott Dylan  |  Published October 16, 2018

Originally called the Decatur Staleys, the Chicago Bears have grown to become one of America’s most beloved football teams since their name change to the “Bears” in 1922. This moniker swap was the result of the team owner wanting them to reflect the hugely popular Chicago Cubs baseball team which had been founded almost 20 years earlier. As one of the NFL’s founding teams, the Bears have amassed a wealth of accolades, including 21 Playoff runs, eight NFL championships, 19 division titles and a glorious victory at Super Bowl XX in 1986.

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The team has played at the 61,500-seat Soldier Field in downtown Chicago since 1971. Today, finding tickets prices for Bears’ games can be a daunting prospect, with so many vendor options available. However, we’ve analysed all of them and picked out three that make it easy to get hold of tickets so you can cheer the Bears on to victory during the 2018-2019 season.

Ticketmaster is the official vendor for Chicago Bears tickets. The game you want to attend ultimately determines how much the tickets will cost. For example, looking at fixtures for the 2018/19 season, the cheapest ticket for the Bears-Seahawks game at Soldier Field is US$115, while the Bears-Patriots game shows the lowest price at US$184. Cheaper games include the Bears-Buccaneers home fixture, with the lowest price coming out at US$100, and the Bears-Rams clash, for which the best ticket price is US$69. Occasionally you can get remarkably cheap tickets, such as for the Bears-Bills home game, for which the lowest price is just US$15. However, be aware that fees such as facility charge, convenience charge and delivery fee are often added and can amount to up to 20 percent of the ticket price. Tickets are mobile-only so there’s no risk of fraud, while Ticketmaster also offers Event Ticket Insurance customers for an extra charge, covering your tickets up to US$10,000 if you’re unable to attend the game due to airline delays, illness, a car accident and a select number of other scenarios.
StubHub is another option for buying tickets and their prices are generally comparable to Ticketmaster. For example, for the Bears-Lions game at Soldier Field the lowest price is US$70, while the Bears-Jets game at Soldier Field shows the lowest price at US$79, and for the Bears-Packers home game it’s US$115. You can also opt to purchase a parking pass with your tickets. Like Ticketmaster, StubHub also has fees added to the ticket price, but they’re around 30 percent of the price with StubHub, making them higher than Ticketmaster. StubHub also doesn’t offer additional event insurance, so if customers are unable to attend the game due to illness or travel issues, they won’t be entitled to a refund.


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Diehard Chicago Bears fans may choose to buy season tickets so they never have to miss a home game. The price of season tickets ranges from approximately US$850 to US$2,600. Customers can join the Priority List, so as soon as season tickets become available, they’re informed that they can purchase them. The bad news is that it’s estimated that the current waiting list is approximately 10 years long, and joining the list requires a US$100 deposit that will be taken off the total season ticket cost should you end up purchasing one. Those who have season tickets can join the Bears’ STH Experiences program, which offers various perks, such as holding the team flag when the Bears are introduced before the game, being on the field when the team’s warming up and bypassing lines at the stadium.