The 10 Most Authentic Chinatowns in the World

by Paul Joseph  |  Published January 23, 2017

5. Toronto

Shopfronts in Toronto's Chinatown (Photo: MY2200 via Flickr)

Colourful shopfronts in Toronto’s Chinatown (Photo: MY2200 via Flickr)

Just in case one isn’t enough, Chinatown in Toronto is divided into six distinct areas, each featuring a huge number of shops, restaurants, markets, institutions and plenty more besides. Running west along Dundas Street and north on Spadina all the way up to College Street is the city’s original central Chinatown district, the largest and most popular, which is teeming with outlets that remain open until late into the night.

During the 1960s, this area also gave birth to give other Chinatown districts, leading to the original Chiantown being demolished to make way for the new City Hall. Today an array of fruit and vegetable stands, Chinese herbalists and grocery stores can be found here. Try new remedies, and allow yourself to learn the Chinese way when it comes to home healing.

A number of tours will also bring you here as part of a group, allowing you to explore Chinatown with like-minded souls, experiencing the rich diversity of the area with others. Festivities take place throughout the weekend, with all-comers welcome to watch traditional performances such as lion dances, or make traditional Chinese arts and crafts.

TOP TIP: Some of the area’s finest dim sum can be found at Kwangtung restaurant, where you’ll get to enjoy amazing food in a casual and fun atmosphere
MORE INFO: www.toronto-chinatown.info