Where to Find Stylish Coliving Spaces in Austin

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published July 4, 2024

In a city celebrated for its dynamic art scene, eclectic neighbourhoods and thriving tech community, coliving is a stylish solution for those seeking affordable yet chic digs. 

Stylish coliving spaces Austin

Outsite currently offers two stylish coliving spaces in Austin (Photo: Outsite)

Austin, with its vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit, has long been a popular spot for digital nomads and remote workers. From its bustling downtown hub to charming suburbs, Austin provides the perfect backdrop for innovative living concepts like coliving. Ideal for those hoping to combine style, affordability and a ready-built community, coliving offers a compelling alternative to traditional housing in the city. So, whether you’re a digital nomad looking for a creative hub or a student seeking a supportive community, here are five of the best places to find stylish coliving spaces in Austin. 

June Homes 

Now a leader in the coliving space, JuneHomes offers a range of meticulously curating living spaces designed to meet the needs of modern professionals, digital nomads and students. The company currently has 86 spaces listed on the website, each with a focus on convenience, comfort and community. Rooms have been thoughtfully furnished and most residences offer shared common areas to help make socialising even easier. Some even feature a calendar of social events too. Whether you’re looking for a cosy bungalow or a sleek loft, this website has options to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Find out more a JuneHomes.com


Coliving offers a wide range of coliving spaces across the city and beyond (Photo: Coliving)

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive platforms for those seeking coliving arrangements, Coliving currently has 23 Austin coliving spaces on its database, and even more just outside the city. There’s an excellent variety of homes on offer, from sleek downtown lofts to cosy suburban houses too. The platform is easy to use, with a range of filters enabling users to whittle down their search and find the perfect fit for their lifestyle based on location, budget and amenities. 

Find out more at Coliving.com


Padsplit is the largest coliving marketplace in the U.S. Unlike most groups, PadSplit is on a mission to help solve the affordable housing crisis, by providing affordable accommodations for individuals on a budget. Specifically catering for those seeking flexibility and affordability, PadSplit’s properties in Austin offer private bedrooms with shared common areas, allowing residents to enjoy the benefits of community living without breaking the bank. Just because they’re affordable, doesn’t mean they’re not stylish either. Most residences have been kitted out with the latest modern conveniences and thoughtfully decorated to make the spaces as enjoyable as possible. 

Find out more at PadSplit.com


Common is committed to revolutionizing the way people live by providing modern, accessible coliving spaces in some of the biggest cities in the US. Currently, the brand only has one coliving residence on offer in Austin, though it’s one of the more stylish offerings available online. Located in Capitol, the house features a light and bright bedroom, community lounge and rooftop terrace, as well as on-site laundry and thoughtful touches, like a bike rack. Keep an eye on this space though, as the brand is set to add more properties to its Austin portfolio.

Find out more at Common.com


Outsite is a global network of coliving spaces that predominantly targets remote workers, in some of the most popular cities in the world. To book any of these properties, guests need to sign up for annual or lifetime membership. This also grants access to benefits like online Events, access to the Slack community, perks, members rates and deals. There are currently two stylish properties to choose from: Austin Bouldin Creek and Austin Travis Heights. The former boasts huge common spaces, several balconies and a community workplace, while the latter features an outdoor deck and firepit.

Find out more at Outsite.co