Condo & Cabin Rentals in Branson: Where to Book?

by Holly Riddle  |  Published June 5, 2019

Branson, Missouri, revolves completely around tourism. A family destination known throughout the Midwest as the place to go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a family in the surrounding region that hasn’t spent at least one vacation here. The entertainment options are varied, from dinner theater attractions to amusement parks, scenic railways to shopping.

With so many families vacationing in Branson on a yearly basis, vacation condos near Branson are a top choice for accommodations for many. The vacation condo options are nearly as varied as the entertainment in Branson. You have vacation condos on the lake, log cabin rentals and much more. Here are some of the top places to peruse your options.

Photo: Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau via Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

HomeAway offers literally hundreds of vacation condos for rent in the Branson area, but one thing to note is that many of them aren’t right in the heart of Branson, where you’ll be in walking distance of all the best attractions. There are a few near popular spots such as the Titanic Museum and the local zoo, as well as a few vacation condos on the lake, but you won’t find a lot of Branson vacation condos clustered in one spot. This may be desirable to some, who are looking for a little more privacy and quiet time away from the touristy hubbub.

If it’s a log cabin rental you’re looking for, Branson has plenty of those, as they’re quite the popular option for many families. HomeAway lists log cabin rentals ranging in price from $75 to $400 per night, but keep in mind — a log cabin rental is not a true vacation condo, so you won’t be able to expect the same amenities. While some have good locations, hot tubs, big open spaces and privacy, they don’t offer any on-site dining, shopping or some of the other amenities you might get with a condo at a resort.


Book at Branson Condos Online

If you prefer to work with a local company, versus a big-box brand, Branson Condos Online can help you find the right vacation condo for you and your family. The vendor offers more than 100 properties near Branson, with many vacation condos on the lake. In fact, the majority of Branson Condos Online’s properties are on the lake, rather than right in Branson.

The unfortunate thing about this particular vendor is that many of the condo per-night rates are unlisted. Those that are listed, however, are very affordable, hovering around $75–$150 per night. Amenities you can find range from tennis courts to outdoor pools. You can also find vacation condos with hot tubs, or access to golf courses.


Book at Booking.com

Booking.com also offers just over 100 vacation condo options near Branson, with most in the $100–$200 price range per night. The properties listed do seem to, in fact, be mostly all condos, so if you’re specifically looking for log cabin rentals, you might want to go to HomeAway first. However, for those seeking all the amenities a condo rental offers, you’re in a good place. Booking.com provides loads of options. Most listings offer a hot tub or jacuzzi and/or an indoor pool. A small minority are pet-friendly. The majority are ranked 3 stars.