5 of the Best Electric Surf Boards

by Roisin McAuley  |  Published September 8, 2021

Electirc surf boards are fast becoming a water lover’s must have gadget. These boards mean you don’t have to hunt down the waves as they depend on a battery-powered engine and will get you moving even in the smoothest of waters.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer, or see the electirc board as a way to learn the sport, there are boards for everyone out there. We’ve highlighted five of the best, these vary in price, speed and users. Chech them out below.

Awake Ravik S Motorized Surfboard

Swedish manufacturer Awake creates sleek electric surfboards, and their Ravik S Motorized Surfboard is a premium, effective board. Speed, agility and stability are the main qualities this board delivers on. The board features a narrow tail and soft edges, which maximise its agility and gives less buoyancy than the previous version of the board. This design allows surfers more control when they are out in the water. Speed-wise this board reaches an incredible 56km/h, with surfers able to select from four different power settings and has a stable twin fin ensuring your stability and tightening your confidence on the waves. The board’s premium features make it a popular purchase for those looking for the optimal surfing experience.

Price: €12,9000 

Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard

Mertek is recommended to those who are looking for a beginner-friendly, cost-effective electric surfboard. Their S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is very user friendly; as it is inflatable and foldable it means it’s easy to transport and takes up very little room in a car or suitcase. It has a maximum speed of 26km/h, which is considerably lower than other models on the market, and makes it suitable younger or less experienced surfers. Surfers control the board via a wireless remote, with eight speed models that give a lot of control to the user. The board also features overboard stop technology, which makes the board stop if you fall off. One of the less expensive electric surfboards you’ll find, the Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is great value for money.

Price: £2,450.00


Efoilfly NeptuneX
The seamless aerodynamics and premium design of the NeptuneX surfboard might be explained by the fact the team at eFoilFly include aeroplane engineers. The board is highly respected as it is an electric foil ‘efoil’ board. This design means the board hovers above the water and gives the user a smooth gliding sensation. The board’s top speed is 45km/h, and its lithium-ion battery gives it a run-time of 60 minutes with a quick recharge time of just two hours. The board has a handy wireless remote that displays the speed, temperature and battery life. From here, users can accurate or opt for cruise control as they navigate the waves.

Price: $ 8.490 

Radinn Jetboard

Radinn is a leading name in the electric surfboard market. They are well known for their high-quality boards made with award-winning design. One impressive benefit of buying a Radinn board is its customisability; you can tweak the design and features of your board to fit your needs. Whether this is your first board or you’re an advanced user, Radinn is able to create the ideal design for you. The boards are constructed of three parts: the board type, jetpack, and battery. They offer users high speeds of 56 km/h and an excellent battery life of 45 minutes. Given the customisable aspect of the board, the price varies depending on the features required.

Price: 9090 €

Carver X by Onean

The Carver X by Onean is a powerful board with a dual jet propulsion system. With this battery style, the board offers top speeds of approximately 45km/h, and it also makes it a good option for those over 90kgs, though top speeds are lower for heavier riders. One of the big appeals of the board is its impressive 10kW of power, which is double the power of Onean’s Carver Twin model. Two batteries power this board and maximise the ride time of the board to 40 minutes. A wireless remote controls the board, and users can select from five different power settings; this remote is interchangeable with other Onean models.

Price: 10.450,00€