Where to Buy Elton John Tickets – 2022

by Paul Joseph  |  Published November 9, 2021

Still one of the world’s greatest live musical performers, Elton John is set for a busy 2022 with a tour schedule that takes him across two continents.

(Photo: Sean Biehle via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Fans of the Rocket Man deprived of the chance to see him in the flesh in recent years will be excited to learn he has a big year of live events ahead. From January onwards, the legendary showman will be pitching up at venues across the US, Canada and Europe to perform his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour show in front of packed crowds. If you’re keen to be among them, we’ve picked out two of the most reputable websites for buying tickets. And for those keen for reassurance over the ongoing situation with Covid-19, both of our recommended websites offer full refunds in the event of a show cancellation.


The official ticketing website for Elton John’s 2022 tour, Ticketmaster have a huge choice of tickets on sale for his shows throughout the year, with prices starting at $294 for his upcoming US dates in January. The website is simple and intuitive to use, and lets you set a budget so the search results only bring up tickets within that range. You can also ask for e-tickets to be stored on your mobile, as an alternative to paper tickets that can get lost in the post – or indeed by you. This also has the effect of reducing the risk of fakes. Parking passes and ticket insurance can also be added to your order. However, be aware that agency fees are high with Ticketmaster, and can sometimes amount to 20% of the ticket price.

Another feature of Ticketmaster is that they also offer a fan-to-fan ticket exchange service which  can be used by those wishing to sell tickets they can no longer use for any reason. Resale tickets are designated with a red symbol featuring two rotating arrows facing clockwise, indicating to you that this ticket is being sold by another fan. For peace of mind, any tickets transferred or resold  through this service are verified by Ticketmaster and re-issued in your name, ensuring that the seat you buy is the seat you get.

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If you’re on a budget, StubHub are an excellent option for buying tickets below face value. This is because they provide a platform for people to re-sell their tickets online, and they can price them however they wish. As a result, when you look for tickets on the day of a show, or for an approaching date, you’ll often find real bargains. For example, when we searched for Elton John tickets in the US for January, we found tickets for as little as $183. The only downside to this is that since StubHub don’t own the tickets themselves, there’s less security around forgeries. However, the company does promise to compensate you with equivalent or better tickets if you encounter any issues at the gate. They also offer VIP tickets for a number of shows. What’s more, their online reviews are extremely positive, especially for their efficient delivery service – which includes downloadable e-tickets – and helpful customer service team.

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January – April: US & Canada

May: Norway

June: Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, France & Great Britain

July: Republic of Ireland

July-November: US & Canada