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A Short Guide to Car Shipping to or from Hawaii

by Paul Joseph  |  Published May 26, 2024

If you need to ship a car to or from Hawaii, there are a wide number of reputable companies standing ready to take the entire job off of your hands.

(Photo: Montway Auto Transport)

Whether you’re moving in or out of Hawaii for a few months for work or travel, upping sticks on a permanent basis, or simply looking to transport a brand-spanking new motor over land or sea, there are several well-established car shipping companies in the US offering services that cater to every budget and need. We’ve picked out two such companies offering car shipping to and from the exotic island state below.

The benefits of using a car shipping service extend beyond the freedom to travel without being behind the wheel. It also avoids wear and tear on your car, not to mention hefty fuel costs. Speaking of which, the cost of shipping a car can vary extensively depending on a number of factors, such as car size and condition, shipping method, time of year and – perhaps most pertinently – distance. For example, shipping a car from Hawaii to California, the East Coast or Seattle, or vice versa, will all differ significantly due to the difference in distance between the respective locations. As a general guide, you can expect to pay an average price of around $1.15 per mile, which equates to an overall average price of around $1,150, dependent on the factors highlighted above, and others.

Montway Auto Transport

For the cheapest car shipping from Hawaii to the mainland United States, you’ll struggle to beat Montway. Founded in 2007, they are a national leader in the auto transport industry, arranging shipments for over 200,000 vehicles every year to and from all 50 states, including Hawaii. They offer door-to-port and port-to-port services from the mainland to Hawaii, and the other way too. Depending on your exact pickup location and destination, shipping a car to or from Hawaii typically takes between 14 and 42 days. As for Montway’s overall services, they always strive to enlist GPS-enabled drivers so you can check on the whereabouts of your vehicle during transit. They also claim to be the first broker to offer instant online quoting with accurately forecasted real-time rates. As a result, the company says their prices are about 5% below the industry average, with no upfront payment due at booking and no hidden fees, either.


Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines

Another affordable auto shipping option catering to those needing to ship a car to or from Hawaii, Pasha Hawaii pride themselves on offering car transportation deals that won’t break the budget. They provide a wide array of services to meet clients’ specific auto shipping needs, including open-air and enclosed shipping vessels that always meet customers’ schedules. There are also terminal to terminal transport options, which tend to be cheaper than door-to-door port services, as the driver can pick up multiple vehicles from a terminal, saving the company time and money. The car shipping company also boasts excellent customer service reviews.