5 of the Best Heidelberg Old Town and Castle Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published January 11, 2022

Heidelberg is a picturesque and historic town in south-west Germany. The town is considered one of Germany’s foremost intellectual centres, thanks to the 14th-century Heidelberg University, which has educated some of Europe’s finest minds, from poets and philosophers to scientists. Georg Hegel, Robert Schumann, W. Somerset Maugham and Dmitri Mendeleev are among some of the most notable alumni.

For travellers, Heidelberg’s fine architecture, particularly its old Gothic churches and Renaissance ruins, most famous of which is Heidelberg Castle, is a major attraction. The castle is a magnificent building situated on a hillside overlooking the town. Taking a tour of these sights is the best way to gain valuable insight into the history and artistry that have made Heidelberg the UNESCO City of Literature that it is today. Here are five of the best Heidelberg tours.