A Comparison of Helly Hansen Insulated Vests

by Paul Joseph  |  Published May 16, 2022

For all-day warmth and comfort when you’re on the move, insulated vests are an essential addition to any adventurer’s wardrobe.

The Odin stretch light insulator vest (Photo: Helly Hansen)

By keeping your core insulated and warm, the added protection of an insulated vest is a must-have for adventure-seekers and outdoor lovers. Among the collection of acclaimed Norwegian clothing maker Helly Hansen is a range of men’s and women’s insulated vests that are suitable for all outdoor endeavours that involve being active in cold temperatures. Here are four of the best.

Women’s Odin Stretch Light Insulator Vest

This versatile and ultra-soft insulated vest for women is perfect as a layering piece with a shell jacket, or standalone outer layer once the temperatures rise. Designed for all outdoor activities from leisurely hiking to skiing, the cosy vest gives you maximum freedom of movement and warmth. It lets excess heat and moisture escape, keeping you comfortable and dry. It is also extremely lightweight at just 300 grams.

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Women’s Sirdal Insulated Vest

The Sirdal insulated vest (Photo: Helly Hansen)

An insulated vest for women made from planet-friendly materials, the Sirdal is  also popular for layering with a shell or wearing as a stand-alone performance layer. With recycled ECOLoft Air SR Insulation, the vest has an optimal warmth-to-weight ratio. Its light weight and relaxed-fit enhance the wearer’s ability to move in changeable conditions. The smart synthetic insulation also avoids clumping when wet, unlike traditional down fill, while the outer fabric is ripstop and built to last. It also has a PFC-free water repellent treatment.

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Men’s Odin Stretch LT Insulator Vest

The Odin stretch LT insulator vest (Photo: Helly Hansen)

Utilising special technology that provides high breathability and comfort while regulating your body temperature during intense activity, this men’s vest lets excess heat and moisture escape, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. It’s best used as a mid-layer under a shell for colder days outdoors, or a standalone outer layer once the temperatures creep upwards. At just 300 grams, the vest also scores very highly for lightweight qualities.

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Women’s Crew Insulated Vest 2.0

The Crew insulated vest 2.0 (Photo: Helly Hansen)

This highly comfortable insulated vest for women comes in a classic and extremely distinctive marine design style that would look equally sharp on a boat, in the city or anywhere else you happen to be wearing it. The vest is made with soft but water-repellent microfiber fabrics and insulation for enhanced warmth. It’s also the most lightweight vest on this list, weighing just 270 grams.

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