South Carolina

Editor Picks: Hilton Head Hotels on the beach

by Alexander Castro  |  Published August 16, 2019

This beach-lined South Carolina destination is a beloved spot of golfers: the PGA Tour comes here each April, and there are plenty of golf courses for the non-professionals to play on, too. Beyond the putting green, there’s green in general, from plentiful and wild Spanish moss to the Coastal Discovery Museum, where gardens and exotic trees await.

An island with an easygoing tempo (and dolphins!), the tourists and resort-goers can multiply quickly in summer months. The hordes reach their peak around July or so, when heat, humidity and balmy storms are in abundance. Crowds thin out around October or so, but with spring comes March’s Wine and Food Festival. Even off-season, Hilton Head’s weather is pleasant, with January highs of about 60ºF. No matter what season you arrive, these beachfront hotels at least provide some gorgeous ocean views.