5 Unique Hiroshima Food Tours

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published May 3, 2024

Hiroshima is a foodie heaven, with exquisite local dishes and unique twists on national favourites. 

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While many visitors to Japan flock to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, the western city of Hiroshima sometimes be overlooked. It’s a shame because Hiroshima, its name synonymous with both the horrors of war and efforts for modern-day peace, is a beautiful destination with friendly locals, leafy green spaces and relaxed attitude. Like most places in Japan, the food on offer in Hiroshima is exquisite, with local specialities such as fresh koiwashi and the Hiroshimayaki, or Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. To get the most out of a visit, take a food tour to both explore the city and its culinary delights. 

Hiroshima: Bar Hopping Food Tour

This three-hour food and drink tour focuses on the famous, local Hiroshima drinking spots around Nagarekawa. One of the most fun experiences of going to Japan is visiting the (often tiny) izakaya bars where snacks are served and you will undoubtedly meet many local people and have a blast, even if none of you are speaking the same language. Thanks to your guide, getting to know people will be a little easier, and a small group makes navigating the bars also simple, letting you try local beers and specialities such as okonomiyaki (a Japanese savory pancake), which is cooked on a flat iron grill at your table. From € 75.77.

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Hiroshima: Private Food Tasting Tour with a Local Guide

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Sometimes there is no better way to do a tour than  with a knowledgeable local guide. Japanese culture can be a bit bamboozling for anyone who doesn’t speak the language so this tour makes perfect sense, with a friendly local guide leading the way and explaining everything you need to know as you go. There are loads of hidden spots and secret tips to help you get to know Hiroshima and along the way a chance to try six delicious tastings and one drink. It’s a really informal and relaxed way to experience Hiroshima’s food, with the chance to check out everything from oyster huts to try local specialty Momiji Manjū – a creative take on the traditional buckwheat and rice cake. From €250.37.

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Ultimate Hiroshima Food Tour

This tour is all about discovering some of Hiroshima’s lesser-known corners, tasting the city’s best-known delicacies along the way. It starts in the Peace Memorial Park and explains both the history of the city and its future through the often optimistic lens of local shop owners, chefs, and craftspeople. A food tour wouldn’t be complete without sampling the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a savory grilled pancake with multiple fillings, whether that is meat or vegetables. There is also time to take in the vast modern shopping arcades of downtown Hiroshima and visit a surprising indoor teppanyaki village, where the food is cooked on large metal plates. From €147. 

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Food Tour Adventure in Hiroshima at Night

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This lively three-hour tour hits Hon Dori and Downtown Hiroshima at night, stopping at three interesting local food venues along the way. It’s all about sharing so there will be several small plates to dig into, with more than 10 different foods during the night – if you want to get a real overview for the food scene here, this is a great option. It’s also a lot of fun, with the local guide providing plenty of entertainment and a small group meaning you’ll definitely get to know people. You’ll eat fresh seafood, tempura, grilled snacks, and more. From €81.79.

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Hiroshima: Local Favorites Private Night Food Tour

This is a really good value three-hour tour that helps you to find the best Hiroshima food spots and eat like a local. The guide takes you to three top eateries that are famous among Hiroshima locals and introduces you to traditional favorites such as okonomiyaki, oysters, and local sake. The guide has a really good understanding of local food culture – the knowledge really comes through – making this an excellent tour for foodies. The private tour includes a drink at the first bar and one dish (okonomiyaki). This is bar hopping in Hiroshima – local style. From €63.61.

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