New Mexico

The Best Horseback Riding Experiences Around Santa Fe

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 2, 2021

New Mexico’s capital city, Santa Fe, is large enough to feel like an energetic, happening place, while also being small enough to explore on foot or, better yet, on horseback. The surrounding countryside is surprisingly green during the cooler months, despite most of New Mexico being arid. Thanks to the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains – at the southern edge of the Rockies – there is enough water runoff to quench the city. These landscapes are like something out of a Wild West movie (because some of them have actually featured on the big screen).

The most pioneering method to take advantage of Santa Fe’s beautiful foothills it to take a horseback riding trip. There are many types of riding experience available from short walks to longer treks that head a little further off the beaten path. Here are three of the best horseback riding options around Santa Fe based on various factors like price, treatment of the horses, and the health and safety record of the operators.