Editor Picks: Hotels in Lulea

by Paul Joseph  |  Published April 25, 2019

The coastal city of Luleå in the northernmost Swedish province of Lapland is as pretty as it is remote. A cluster of pristinely preserved wooden houses and 15th-century stone Nederluleå Church are among the eye-catching landmarks that give the city its distinctive character and atmosphere. Head offshore to the Bay of Bothnia and you’ll discover more than 1,000 beach-lined islands where cute cottages and flapping seals are a regular feature.

With its buzzing city life, abundance of nature; idyllic islands and dramatic river valleys, Luleå is a popular tourist destination with both natives and non-Swedes alike. If you’re planning a visit any time soon and are wondering what kind of hotels you can find here, we’ve given you a head-start by picking out 5 of the best to be found in and around the city.