Editor picks: Hotels in Tropea, Calabria

by Peter Smith  |  Published November 18, 2020

Legend has it that Tropea, a small town on the east coast of Calabria in southern Italy, owes its cliff-edge setting to the Roman God Hercules, who during his journey back from Gibraltar chose to start a settlement on the site of what has grown to become a popular tourist destination. Rising 50 metres above the beach, the town’s historic centre is a charming hotchpotch of narrow lanes, old buildings, and stunning viewpoints dominating the Costa degli Dei (‘Gods’ Coast’). An ancient sanctuary stands on the promontory opposite the town, while the local red onion steals the show on the culinary front.

A wide range of accommodation options can be found both in the old town and along the picturesque coast, all within easy reach of the white sand beaches stretching at the foot of the cliff. Spectacular views, indulgent cuisine and seaside comforts are just some the highlights of any visit to Tropea.