The Best B&Bs, Inns, and Cheap Hotels in Healdsburg

by Bridget Gleeson  |  Published November 21, 2017

Smithsonian magazine recently named Healdsburg to its list of “Best Small Towns to Visit” in the U.S. It’s not hard to see why: known for both its traditional diners and modern tasting tables where you can sample local wines and cheeses, it’s a dream destination for foodies. And thanks to its privileged location Healdsburg is close to many of Sonoma County’s attractions.

Luxury hotels might rule the scene here, but there are more affordable places to stay the night. High-end bed and breakfasts deliver a deliciously local experience, including gourmet breakfasts and evening wine receptions, while budget-oriented motels offer simple accommodations if you’re just looking for somewhere to crash between meals.