Editor Picks: Hotels in Kassel

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 22, 2020

Deep in the heartland of Germany, Kassel is the former capital of the State of Hesse. The historic German city is today best known to the outside world as the home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. The mountain park brings in visitors from all over and that has created plenty of demand for top quality hotels in Kassel. Indeed, there are hundreds of hotels to choose from and sifting through them all can be time consuming.

For those seeking a bed for the night in Kassel, hotels range from internationally recognised chains to boutique rooms offering regional rustic charm. Here is a list of the best five hotels in Kassel catering to a range of different budgets with one key thing in common: top quality comfort. We have also taken into account many other factors including amenities, previous guest reviews, location and value for money.