South Korea

Editor Picks: Hotels in Seoul City Centre

by Paul Stafford  |  Published March 2, 2018

Strictly speaking, there is no well-defined Seoul City centre. Officially the area around City Hall up to Gyeongbokgung Palace would be considered the city centre, although other regions further south, like Gangnam, are contenders for the city’s central business district title. We have done a separate Gangnam hotels article, and will remain north of the River Han, around the palaces here.

Seoul City Centre is vast, with sprawling boulevards and lofty edifices. It is invigorating and oftentimes a little overwhelming. Therefore a good room is more essential than ever. There are some excellent quality deals across the range of stars, and this list helps the best shine through. Location, price and amenities are key factors, as well as the hotel’s ambience so that you can feel free from the hubbub despite it still being right outside the door.