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Where to Find Houses and Villas for Sale in Lake Como

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published November 16, 2021

Italy’s most glamorous lake has been a popular place to purchase property for millennia. From noble Romans to Madonna, everyone looks to Lake Como for a slice of ‘la dolce vita’. Combine this with year-round sunshine, an active and sociable lifestyle, a large international English-speaking community and excellent transport links and it isn’t difficult to see why Lake Como is one of Italy’s most popular destinations for those seeking a holiday home or property investment. 

where to find property in Lake Como

A lakeside villa on Lake Como (Photo: Lewis J Goetz via Unsplash)

If you’re looking to become neighbours with George Clooney, you’ll want to extend your search to the most expensive stretch of Lake Como, known as the ‘Gold Coast’. It’s located on the western leg of the lake’s inverted Y and encompasses some of the region’s most famous destinations, such as Cernobbio and Laglio. But while the lake is hardly undiscovered, it is still possible to bag a bargain. Como, the lake’s largest city, has historically been unpopular with expats but it’s now enjoying a renaissance. Properties are still happily affordable too. The eastern leg of the lake also tends to be more affordable than the west. If you’re looking to push your investment further, Tremezzina is particularly popular with expats given its views of Bellagio, the ‘jewel’ of Lake Como. 

The good news is that many foreigners can buy both residential and commercial real estate property in Lake Como. However, you’ll need to check that your country of citizenship is part of the reciprocity agreement. If an Italian can purchase property in your country, you’ll be afforded the same rights in Italy. Purchasing property in Lake Como can be a lengthy procedure, complicated by the country’s many notorious bureaucratic hoops. The purchase process is split into three stages: the purchase proposal (5–10% deposit), the preliminary contract of sale (20–30% deposit) and the final contract of sale. We highly recommend working with a reputed agency to ensure you’re meeting all legal and technical requirements along the way. Below are three recommended companies for helping you to find houses and villas for sale in Lake Como. 

Target Immobiliare at Lake Como

With over two decades of experience, Target Immobiliare is a market-leading real estate agency that specializes in properties across Lake Como. Their enormous property portfolio includes a wide range of apartments and villas, as well as parking spaces, country houses and plots. Properties cater for a variety of budgets too, ranging from affordably priced apartments for under EUR 100,000 to multi-million-euro villas. The team prides itself on its highly personalized service and attention to detail. As well as offering assistance throughout the purchasing process, the team also offers a comprehensive post-sale service, including holiday home management. 

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Gemma Immobiliare 

Founded in 2001, Gemma Immobiliare has quickly grown to become one of Lake Como’s leading property agencies. The dynamic team are experts in the area and have even featured in the UK’s beloved ‘A Place in the Sun’ TV programme. At the time of writing, the agency boasts an 80+ portfolio of properties for sale across the north, west and south stretches of the lake. The agency also offers an extensive range of post-sale services, with a wide network of reputable architects, builders, roofers, joiners and plumbers to help kickstart your renovation project. They also offer a property management service for those looking to rent their new properties. 

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Property at Lake Como 

Founded by Lugano-based Marco Badalla, Property At Lake Como specializes in selling extraordinary properties in some of the most prestigious locations across Lake Como. The team here collaborates with leading estate agents from London, New York and Moscow too, with close ties to professionals from the legal and financial sectors. Properties are hand-selected, so they’re at the upper end of the price spectrum and best suited for those with a big budget. The agency guides buyers through every stage of the purchasing process, from finding their dream home to completion. After the sale, buyers can also benefit from the agency’s comprehensive property management service. 

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