The best Italian language schools in Florence

by Paul Joseph  |  Published March 14, 2018

Home to numerous masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, Florence is widely considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities. For those keen to learn about Italy’s history and heritage, there are few better places to do so. And as a companion to studying the Italian language, immersing yourself in the city’s rich culture can only enhance your experience.

Photo: Chris Yunker via Flickr

There are a large number of students living in Florence at any one time, meaning there’ll be plenty of like-minded people for you to meet and share unique experiences with. If you’re thinking of coming to Florence to study Italian, we’ve picked out three of the best language schools that the city has to offer, based on factors including diversity and duration of courses, prices and reviews by previous students.


Located in a 19th-century Palazzo on the Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of Florence’s historic centre, the Sprachcaffe School in Florence offers a variety of Italian courses that will suit every student, no matter what their language proficiency is. Whether students want to participate in an intensive language experience or simply enjoy a laid-back standard course, there’ll find an option that will help them meet their goals in their desired time frame. Teaching methods are modelled on Sprachcaffe’s unique approach which aims to mould every class to suit each student’s individual needs in creative and comfortable environment. The school’s 16 large classrooms are equipped with video projectors and wireless internet, and there’s also a huge hall dedicated to recitals and lectures, large common spaces for students to relax, study and socialise between lessons, a multimedia room, a café and a roof terrace. Accommodation services are also available and the official residence is conveniently located on the school premises.

Photo: Sprachcaffe

Koinè Center

Koinè Center is one of the longest established Italian language schools in Italy and has schools in several cities across the country. Its Florence school is located in the city’s historical centre and offers a huge diversity of courses, many of which combine language learning with deeply immersive cultural activities such as cooking, art, photography and travel. The school applies a natural and conversational approach to language learning, with flexible, varied and effective classes complemented by afternoon activities designed to make study engaging and fun. Students are encouraged to take a leading role during lessons, with the teacher acting as a facilitator creating a productive learning environment. The school also offers a free-of-charge online accommodation booking service, allowing students to book their preferred option (whether it’s living with a host family, a shared or private apartment, a B&B or a hotel) at the same time they enrol for their courses.

Photo: Koinè Center


With locations across Italy, Linguaviva has built a reputation as one of the best Italian schools in Italy, winning several prestigious international educational awards along the way. The Florence school offers courses from beginner to advanced levels throughout the year. A modern communicative approach is used, with course contents covering all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Work is conducted in small groups with an average of 10 students per class, allowing for active participation and interaction during lessons. Regular progress tests at the end of each level enable student and their teachers to measure language development and evaluate performance. Some courses also offer the chance to combine language learning with leisure and cultural activities such as language and art, language and cooking, or language and fashion. The school also offer a wide selection of accommodation to meet students’ needs, including homestays, shared flats, independent flats, hotels, or student residences.

Photo: Linguaviva