3 of the best Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 19, 2021

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole, aka Jackson, is the main entry point for people who wish to visit Yellowstone National Park. Few natural wonders are quite capable of matching the magnificence of Yellowstone, with its vast expanse of unique wilderness and nature. The region’s wildlife and geological processes draw the biggest crowds in the holiday season and during the warmer months, but there are plenty of fun activities in the outdoors year-round, even when the whole area is snowbound, such as snowmobile tours.

The best snowmobile tours from Jackson Hole last an entire day, probing remote regions of the wilderness to which few others can gain access, particularly in the winter. Please bear in mind that all of the tours listed below are available in the winter months only, often November through March, and are dependent on the snow levels. Here are the best three Jackson snowmobile tours based on factors like the itinerary, reviews from previous guests and the value for money.