Editor Picks: Key West Hotels on the Beach

by Alexander Castro  |  Published September 24, 2019

The southernmost island in the always-popular Florida Keys, Key West may also be the archipelago’s boldest. It’s a tropical favorite for divers, beachgoers, snorkelers and swimmers, thanks in part to the miles of coral reef you can explore. As the marine life is diverse, so are the people, and a rich nightlife attracts partiers to Key West. Surrounded by Caribbean architecture, it’s no wonder famous artists and writers (like Ernest Hemingway) decided to reside in its supremely chill vibes. Add in fresh seafood and Cuban coffee and cigars and you have a (very) abbreviated idea of what Key West can offer.

Yes, there’s plenty to do in Key West, and chances are you won’t be spending too much time in a hotel room when you can lounge on the area’s sparkling white sand. So instead of spending time indoors, why not choose a hotel with easy beach access from our list below?