The Best B&Bs, Guest Houses and Cheap Hotels in Looe, Cornwall

by Chris Newens  |  Published January 21, 2018

Ah, the British seaside: windbreaks, buckets-and-spades, fish n’ chips! In the harbours where the chattering classes haven’t quite reached yet, a golden tinged nostalgia still lives. Estuary town Looe is such a place. It became popular as a resort in the 19th Century, and still retains a distinctly Victorian charm: the kind of place you ought to visit soon, before it gets re-discovered and its old-fashioned allure is bulldozed away.

The hotels here are certainly in step with the kind of place it is: think salty, family run places, and maybe a few too many net curtains to always be fully tasteful. But there are also some diamonds in the rough, which we at TravelMag have sought high and low to bring you here.