5 of the best Miami & Miami Beach bus tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published June 3, 2020

Miami is a hectic, modern city, best known for the glamor of its broad island city Miami Beach. The wide strip of white sand, kissed by turquoise Atlantic Ocean surf, is the kind of place people go to see and be seen. Beyond the shallow veneer though, there’s a subtler beauty at play, such as the historic architectural charm of pastel Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive and the cultural mélange scattered across the wider Miami. Getting around can be challenging, which is why it’s a great idea to explore Miami, and possibly further afield, on a guided bus tour. These offer greater ease of access and the chance to gain deeper insight along the way through narration.

Bus tours aren’t the only way to appreciate Miami to the fullest though. Miami Beach is surrounded by water and there are lots of great tours incorporating a boat cruise available. Other tour options include walking tours, while the Everglades National Park is only an hour away from Miami Beach, offering remarkable wildlife viewing opportunities. Here are five of the best bus tours that include trips around Miami and Miami Beach, taking into account many important considerations, such as value for money, previous guest reviews, itineraries and comfort.