A Comparison of Minneapolis Brewery Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published April 3, 2023

Stop by a few of the top-notch breweries dotting Minneapolis and sample the goods on this diverse range of brewery tours.

(Photo: Twincitiesbrewerytours.com)

Minneapolis, one of the Twin Cities of Minnesota, is packed with craft breweries offering plenty of opportunities for tasting tours and taproom sipping. At dozens of locations across Minneapolis, fruit-infused ales, lively sours and miry stouts, as well as your standard crisp lagers, are concocted, conjured and poured with panache. Get in on the action by checking out this comparison of three brewery tours, each one offering a slightly different way to the heart of the brewing art.

Twin Cities Brews n’ Bites Tour

Food and drink pairings are more traditionally linked to fine wine, but this brews n’ bites tour proves that beer and nibbles are a delightfully rugged alternative. Taking a cue from the master brewers themselves at three different Minneapolis breweries, you’ll try tater tots and bratwurst, washed down with a pint of craft beer. Normally, breweries visited include Sisyphus, Fulton Brewing, and Urban Growler. This tour runs at 6pm on Saturdays only from Jan to Nov. From $75 per person.

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Minneapolis Craft Brew Hop

Twin Cities Brewery Tours is set up to introduce its guests to the best breweries in Minneapolis, taking care of all the driving so that you can take care of all the drinking. Therefore, try a pint of your choice from the ranges on offer at three separate breweries on this three-hour tour. The likely itinerary is Utepils Brewing, Fulton Beer, and Bauhaus Brew Labs. Please note that this tour is only available on Friday evenings from early July through to the end of Sept. From $78 per person.

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All-Inclusive Minneapolis Brewery Tour

A final style of brewery tour in Minneapolis is for the strong-stomached and those of high drinking stamina. Billed as all-inclusive, that literally means all you can drink. We take this opportune moment to remind everyone that they should always drink responsibly. Please and thank you. This tour stops at three breweries over three hours, where you can taste the gamut of each place’s sudsy offerings, or opt for a pint or three of the one beer that appeals to you the most. From $90 per person.

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