Mississippi State Football Tickets 2018 & 2019

by Scott Dylan  |  Published July 8, 2018

Bulldogs fans, get ready: Starkville’s Davis Wade Stadium is about to host its 123rd season. The Bulldog’s are one of the oldest college football teams, and this year looks to continue the legacy.

Scott Field @ Davis-Wade Stadium by Phillip Hendon via Flickr

The 2018/2019 season will feature 7 home games at Davis Wade Stadium and 5 away games with Kansas State and historic rivals Kentucky, LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss. The Bulldogs’ season kicks off on September 1st against Austin at Davis Wade Stadium. So where’s the best place to buy cheap tickets this season? For purchasing tickets we recommend the two leading websites–StubHub and Ticketmaster–and well as one other website that offers tickets.

StubHub is the official reseller for Mississippi State football tickets. Crucially, StubHub also sells parking passes—a must-have if you’re planning a pre- or post-game tailgate party. For many regular season games, the parking passes are more expensive than the tickets themselves—averaging about $100 each—with tickets averaging between $6 and $60, depending on the game.

Owned by eBay, StubHub is not just a retail vendor, it’s also a ticket reselling platform, which means you can sometimes snag great last-minute deals. It’s a lot easier than showing up at the stadium on game day and trying to buy tickets from a scalper, and it’s guaranteed to be a lot cheaper and safer. StubHub also has season tickets available for all 7 home games at Davis Wade Stadium for ~$350, and although they are selling out fast there will probably be some for resale near the start of the season.

The major difference between StubHub and Ticketmaster shows up if you need to cancel or resell your tickets. Like StubHub, you can resell your tickets on Ticketmaster, but only if you see the “Sell” option in your order details. If your tickets are non-resellable, Ticketmaster also offers Event Ticket Insurance which will refund your ticket price if you can’t go.

If there’s any doubt you’ll make it you should buy from StubHub so you can easily resell your ticket right up until kickoff. While we recommend Stubhub, if you’re buying last-minute and can’t find tickets you should check out Ticketmaster.

PrimeSport offers deals for combined hotel and ticket packages to bowl games. Although we don’t know which bowls the Bulldogs will make it to in the 2018-2019 season, you can sign up for event alerts and to get tickets and hotels for your preferred bowl in one package price.