Where to buy Newcastle United Football Tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published August 17, 2018

For the 2017/18 season Newcastle United returned to what many consider their rightful place at the top table of English football after several years of relative hardship. Their promotion to the Premier League was met with typical excitement by the dedicated masses of Geordie supporters, widely thought of as some of the most passionate anywhere in Europe. With a capacity of over 52,000, the club’s stadium, St James’s Park, is also one of the largest in the country, and has continued to attract large numbers despite the club’s travails.

Cars and buses navigate the streets against a backdrop of St James’s Park (Photo: John Lord via Flickr)

One consequence of Newcastle’s return to the Premier League is that they’ll now play four fewer home league game a season, due to the smaller size of the division compared with the Championship. Like all Premier League clubs, these games will be played from August to May, with a sprinkling of cup games on top of that (and perhaps European games before long too, if the club continues its ascent). If you’d like to know specific dates for their home fixtures across the remainder of the season, these are available to view on the club’s official website and at various other online sources.

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Games at St James’s Park can be in fairly high demand, particularly now that Newcastle are once again a Premier League side, but nonetheless some tickets are usually available on general sale. There are a number of ways you can get yourself a ticket for a game that shouldn’t break the bank, and we’ve picked out three of the best. We hope you’ll find our selection useful.

Owned by US e-commerce company eBay, StubHub have been a big player in the ticket resale sector since their creation back in 2000. They act as an intermediary for people wanting to buy and sell tickets for events across sport, music, theatre and other entertainment. This means they don’t actually own tickets, but the risk of fakes is still low and in any case they promise to provide comparable or better tickets in the rare event of you being refused entry. Sellers can post tickets at any price they wish, and StubHub take off a commission on every sale. They also offer VIP tickets too. Based on reviews, ticket delivery is quick and hassle free and they also offer superb customer service. Ticket availability is excellent too, with tickets currently on sale for every Newcastle game for the season ahead, and with rates as low as £80 for certain games.
One good option is a ticket resale agency such as Ticketgum who purchase tickets from club members and then resell them for above face value. While this can sometimes be very pricey, it’s a secure way of buying tickets, as Ticketgum officially own them so there’s zero chance of forgeries. There also seems to be availability for pretty much every game Newcastle play, based on our searches. Prices tend to ebb and flow, and the nearer to the match the more you’ll probably need to cough up. After buying your tickets, they’re sent by express delivery to your preferred address, which can even be a hotel if you’re only in town for the game. You’re provided with a tracking number to keep tabs on the tickets too. Other good things about Ticketgum are that they offer a 100% money back guarantee in the event of a cancelled game and VIP tickets are also often available.

Newcastle United Official Website

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Tickets for home games at St James’s Park are first made available by the club to season ticket holders and club members, with any tickets left over then going on general sale. The maximum number of tickets you can buy through the club are four. When selecting your tickets, a clear layout of the stadium is provided, with seat availability highlighted so you can see all the options available. As well as standard tickets, the club also offers a number of exclusive hospitality packages that include match-day tickets on private balconies along with gourmet meals, bar access and other lavish services and amenities.