5 of the best Oak Alley Plantation Tours from New Orleans

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published April 2, 2021

As the Mississippi River winds its way southeast between Baton Rough and New Orleans, taking a final bow before the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find its most fertile alluvial plains. Dozens of historic plantations, such as Oak Alley, have long brought home the kind of financial windfall that can construct unrivalled palatial mansions. While this wealth came at a heavy cost to human life and dignity, the plantations endure as national heritage sites, steeped in local history, ongoing sugarcane cultivation, and remarkable natural beauty.

Oak Alley Plantation is best known for the mossy branches of its wizened old oaks that line the road up to the colonnaded facade of the main house. Because it lies roughly an hour’s drive to the west of New Orleans, Oak Alley Plantation makes for the perfect tour from the Big Easy. Here are five of the best tours, taking many factors into account including the itinerary, value for money, and the reviews of previous guests.