Where to Find Short Term Office Space Rentals in London

by Paul Joseph  |  Published February 7, 2023

Sprinkled across London are a number of office spaces available for short term rent, many of which you can book directly online via reputable websites.

(Photo: Halkin)

Perfect for clients that want ownership and privacy of their workspace, without having to deal with all the additional hassles that normally come with a conventional lease, short term office space rentals are an increasingly popular choice as working trends continue to evolve. If you’re seeking an office space in London for anything from a few hours through to several months, we’ve looked at all the websites where you can book them and picked out our top three.


An established marketplace for fully furnished serviced offices available to rent by the month, year or longer, Rubbedesk have over 2,000 offices dotted across London. Their proprietary platform helps you find the best office for your specific business needs. With a view across all available options, they simplify the process to create a bespoke shortlist of turnkey, ready-to-use offices based on your criteria. They then arrange tours of any premises and neighbourhood, provide quotes and negotiate the best deals – all for free and without obligation. Pricing in London starts at around £700 per month for a private office accommodating three workers.

Venues across London / www.rubberdesk.co.uk


(Photo: Regus)

Regus have a huge presence in London, with over 80 serviced office spaces dotted around the capital. Pricing ranges between £189 to £755 per person each month, based on a 24-month contract, although the actual price will vary by number of people, terms of agreement, specific room and availability. For example, rooms that are premium executive offices, single person offices, or come with better views are more expensive per person. Alternatively, you can buy an office membership for individuals and teams of any size that gives you access to offices, coworking and lounges with 5, 10, or unlimited days access per month.

Venues across London / www.regus.com


(Photo: FORA)

Comprising flexible, consciously-designed spaces, premium amenities, a curated programme of events, and an impressive wellness offering, the Fora workplace experience is engineered to maximise productivity. A choice of tailored and modular design offices are available, with the former giving you the opportunity to design a workspace tailored to the needs of you and your team, no matter your size. A modular design, meanwhile, lets you choose from a range of different settings, designed in a modular way to be integrated with standard Fora desks, and crucially, with each other.

Venues across London / www.foraspace.com