Czech Republic

The 5 best Prague Castle tours & skip the line tickets

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 9, 2019

Overlooking the city of Prague is a fantastic medieval castle. It’s a mix of architectural styles, but the Gothic elements of its St Vitus Cathedral remain the most striking visual aspect from a distance. As you get nearer, it’s possible to notice that the slopes of the hill atop which the castle sits are lined with vineyards that stretch down to the river, while the castle complex itself is a large maze of buildings with a long and storied history that are best made sense of on a guided tour.

Many tours of Prague will include at least a walk-by of Prague Castle. Such is its grandeur, it’s quite hard to miss. But the skip-the-queue ticketed tours are ideal for anybody who wants to learn more about the history and stories specific to one of Prague’s most iconic sights. Local guides can help illuminate the relevance of certain facets of the castle, as well as help you cut down on waiting-in-line time. Here are five of the best Prague Castle tours.