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Where to Find Houses and Property for Sale in Bali

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published June 10, 2021

Located between Lombok and Java, Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ for good reason. Swaying palm-fringed beaches, a rich and diverse history, and generous and genuinely welcoming people have made it one of the world’s top tourism destinations. This, combined with a positive investment market, game-changing ownership legislation and Bali’s rapid redevelopment is making it a popular choice for those looking to purchase a property or invest in real estate.

Property in Bali

(Photo: Harry Kessel via Unsplash)

Around 30,000 expats currently live in Bali – and that figure is only set to keep climbing. Ubud, the heart of Bali, has historically been a popular place to buy. More recently, prices in Seminyak have shot up, thanks to its extraordinarily high return on investment. Other popular locations include Canggu and the parts of the north region, which is slowly picking up due to increased investment in infrastructure. One thing’s for certain though, for most people a beach-side location is a must.

Despite its popularity as a holiday destination and investment opportunity, buying property in Bali is a notoriously tricky process.  By Indonesian law, foreigners have never been legally allowed to own property or land in Indonesia. New game-changing laws around foreign property investment has made this a little easier, but there are still a few hoops you’ll need to jump through. Some common problems faced by real property buyers include eviction issues, restrictions on land use, or restrictions on building construction. For this reason, we strongly suggest working with a reputable agency, who will be able to assist with notary services and navigating the complex Indonesian legal framework too. We’ve highlighted three trusted resources that can help you find houses and properties for sale in Bali.

Seven Stones Indonesia

With over 25 years experience, Seven Stones Indonesia specialises in residential and commercial property sales and rentals in Bali. It’s grown to become one of Bali’s most trusted agencies, offering comprehensive and personalized service that encompasses legal, marketing and fund management services. Covering a wide range of investment opportunities, from off-plan developments to luxury villas, the company is renowned for its specialist knowledge of the market, government systems, idiosyncrasies and dynamics of the local business world. As well as helping you find the property of your dreams, their in-house legal team will help you navigate the complexities of Indonesian law while providing advice on visas and business setup too. 

More info at Seven Stones Indonesia

Paradise Property Group 

Founded in 2004 by UK-born Mark Tuck, Paradise Property has since expanded to become a leading real estate agency in Bali. It specialises in hand-picked, often award-winning luxury properties across the island, in sought-after locations including Ubud and Seminyak. While it doesn’t have its own in-house legal service, the team can refer you to expert professional legal advisors, as well as other consultants such as architects and designers. In addition to sales and rentals, they offer villa management and operations consultation, project marketing and asset management. Most of their clients are foreign investors seeking to secure a luxury second home while making a savvy investment that can increase cash flow. 

More info at Paradise Property Group 

Bali Realty 

Offering more than 25 years experience combined, Bali Realty offers highly personalized, customer-centric services. Rather than collecting a huge database of impersonal listings, Bali Realty hand-selects the best villas, land sales and long-term rentals on the market. The company also offers complementary services such as project marketing and villa management. Owner Nathan Ryan and his team have lived in Bali for years and are able to advise on the best areas to buy, returns and rental opportunities. They have strong relationships with some of Bali’s best notaries and lawyers who can handle your legal matters too. 

More info at Bali Reality