The best resorts in Palm Springs

by Alexander Castro  |  Published March 19, 2017

The Cahuilla people were the original inhabitants of Palm Springs, California. They called it “Se-Khi,” meaning “boiling water.” Accurate, given that the city’s temp exceeds 90˚ F  about 180 days a year. Baking in the desert sun of Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is now known as a “resort city:” a pretty good indication that it’s a hotbed of vacationers and tourists —and luxury hotels ready to cater to these guests’ needs.

Resorts and hotels dot the landscape of Palm Springs and it can be confusing to decide what’s best. Thankfully, we’ve researched the area for you and weeded out the unworthy. We’ve selected three resorts at a variety of price points, from family-friendly to adult-only luxury.