10 of the best Rome food tours & cooking classes

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 4, 2019

Food and Italy are completely intertwined concepts in the minds of most people, and with good reason. Many regions have their own types of pasta and even their own bread. Dishes that are dear to the hearts of many Romans include carbonara, cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper), a simple but effective pasta dish, and the street food classic of supplì, a crispy rice, tomato and cheese croquette. Roman-style pizza should of course not be forgotten either. It’s all worth trying while you’re in the great city.

Nobody is prouder of Italian food than the Italians themselves, which is why there is no better way to experience the food of Rome than on a locally guided food tour. Better yet, why not take away some of the culinary secrets so that you can apply them at home by taking a Roman food cooking class? Perhaps understandably there are quite a number of food tour and cooking class options in Rome. Here are ten of the very best options available.